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Young people don't find jobs due to a lack of experience.

But a lot of them do have experience through gaming. 


We will bridge the gap between jobs and young people by bringing jobs to their arena - gaming

by setting up a job fair in Minecraft.

Minecraft Job Fair

Quantic foundry (organisation that studies gamers) has found 9 gamer archetypes depending on their skill set.

We will embed the games in Minecraft helping you find your archetype.

Then taking you to the section of Minecraft where employers looking for your skills are waiting.

You can chat to them through the chat box and bag yourself a job!

Social Launch

We will start the campaign in the social domain of gamers - Twitch.

We will lurk in the chat of small scale gamers and wait for them to display their skills.

As soon as they do, we will send one bit (worth a pound) with a message inviting them to the job fair to be read aloud.


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Combat experience

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